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A Holiday Message from Kareem

Musk Fails and Bails and GOP Tries to Thwart Voters

"Avatar": What Went Wrong and Racism Roundup

AZ Gov "Steals" $95 Million and MT Greene Wants to Arm Insurrectionists

Brittney Griner Held Hostage by GOP and Why Beauty Contests Are Ugly

Brittney Griner Is Free and Trump’s Org Commits Fraud

Give Kareem for Christmas

Kareem's Good News Announcement

Trump Commits Treason (Really) and MT Greene Defends Farts (Seriously)

Trump and Kanye Dine on Their Own Souls and Elon’s Twitter Gets Darker

World Cup Teams Protest and Elon Offers Amnesty

World Cup Gets Medieval and Charlie Kirk Gets Vapid

A Special Thanksgiving Message to My Wonderful Substack Subscribers

Kari Lake Burns Democracy and Candace Cameron Bure Fends Off Character Assassins

Trump Blackmails DeSantis and Herschel Walker Run-Off Is About the Voters

Skyhook Podcast with Cap & Coop Talking with Their Showtime Teammate Mychal Thompson

How Sincere Is Kyrie’s “Apology” and Joe Rogan’s Weird Lie

Shaq: Kyrie Irving "Idiot" and Has Twitter Gone to the Dark Side?

Kanye’s Anti-Semitism Bears Bitter Fruit and Ted Cruz Is the Most Hated Man in America

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A Message from Kareem

Roger Stone Calls Ivanka “Abortionist Bitch” and 60% of GOP Candidates Election Deniers

Florida Wants to Kill Its Young? and Trump Brags About His Racism

Kanye Has Lost It and Best Sports Video

Kareem's Insider Secrets of Episodes 9 and 10 of "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers"

DeSantis and Carlson Defraud the Public Trust and NBA's Kyrie Irving Is Getting Worse

Skyhook Podcast with Cap & Coop Talking with Their Showtime Teammate Bob McAdoo

Kareem's Insider Secrets of Episodes 7 and 8 of "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers"

DeSantis Is Child Trafficker? and NBA's Anthony Edwards' Apology

NBA Punishes Suns Owner (Not Enough) and Graham Predicts "Riots in the Streets"

Kareem's Insider Secrets of Episodes 5 and 6 of "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers"

Vidcast: Sharing Showtime Laker Memories with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Michael Cooper and Coach Pat Riley

Queen Dies and Bannon's Comeuppance

Judge Abandons Integrity for Trump and Spanking Returns in Schools

Supreme Court Justice Threat to the US and Cops Shoot Black Man in Bed

Trump Faces Prison? and McEnroe Gets It Wrong

Kareem's Insider Take on Episodes 3 and 4 of "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers"

Why We Love Kobe Bryant: He Took the Shot

Vidcast: Kareem & Norm Nixon Share Showtime Laker Memories

Liz Cheney for President? and Ice Cream Good for Health

Kareem Recommends: "Bullet Train," "Vengeance," "Indian Matchmaking," "Paper Girls," and Tony Exum Jr.

Kareem's Insider Take on the First Two Episodes of "Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers"

Trump Raid and Serena Retires

Alex Jones and Brittney Griner

The Bill Russell I Knew for 60 Years

How Sincere Is Will Smith’s Video Apology?

Weekend Boost: "Thor," "The Bear," "The Big Lie," and More

Will Support from LeBron James, Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian, and Other Celebrities Help Free Brittney Griner from a Russian Prison?

A Personal Message from Kareem about Winning.

Jordan B. Peterson’s DIY Cult: When Malicious Nonsense Passes for Worldly Wisdom

Why the Ending of “Stranger Things 4” Is Irritatingly Disappointing

We Need to Talk about “Elvis”—And Everything the Movie Did Wrong

Kareem Calls the Shots in Sports: Hockey Violence, Prayer on the Football Field, Ninja Warrior an Olympic Sport, and More

The 3 Best New TV Shows to Watch Right Now!! You'll Thank Me in the Morning

Roe v. Wade: Women Have Just Been Declared Second-Class Citizens (Remember to Smile, Ladies)

Herschel Walker for U.S. Senate? Bad for Sports, Bad for Georgia, Bad for the Country--and especially Bad for African Americans

Who's the GOAT? Jimmy Fallon and I Settle the Issue Once and For All

Kareem Calls the Shots in Sports: Golden State Warriors Are the New NBA Dynasty, Fox Sports Bizarre "Mistake," the Cleveland Browns Are Immoral

Weekend Boost: "Top Gun" Flies High (Mostly), "Ms. Marvel" Delights (Bigly), and Much More

Reality TV Is America's New Classroom About Race

Coaching You Through the 7 Most Compelling New & Returning TV Shows by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial: Insufferable Celebrities or Post-Modern Martyrs?

Kareem Calls the Shots in Sports

Behind the scenes at my 75th Birthday Party

A Message from Kareem

Why America Needs the GOP—Just Not This GOP

5 Women's Movie Roles that Redefined "Sexy"

What Lessons Have We Learned from the Buffalo Shooting?

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Ben Shapiro (While Trying to WRECK Jon Stewart)

Weekend Boost: Dr. Strange Brings Horror to the Marvel Universe; the TV Show That Could Save Your Relationship; a Brilliant Crime Novel; and Much More

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports May 10, 2022

Should Fred Savage, Bill Murray, and Frank Langella Be Cancelled for "Inappropriate Behavior"?

5 of the Best TV Crime Dramas That Leave You Craving More

The Most Jaw-Dropping Tribal Council in "Survivor" History Just Explained Racism in a Nutshell

The Boldest Movie of the Decade Stars Nic Cage

Ask Kareem Anything

Will "The Northman" Bring Back Men’s Disappearing Masculinity?

The Best Graphic Novel of the Year Is Here

"Winning Time" Isn’t Just Deliberately Dishonest, It’s Drearily Dull

Bob Costas & Billy Crystal

The Best Movie of the Year Is "Everything Everywhere All at Once" and Hugh Laurie's New TV Series Is a Dazzling Romantic Mystery

Oklahoma Bans Almost All Abortion..... Let's Ban Oklahoma

"Slow Horses" Is Not to Be Missed and "The Lost City" Is Pure Romantic-Comedy Fun

The 3 Best New TV Shows to Watch Right Away-- I mean NOW!

Should Kanye West, Louis CK, and Marilyn Manson Have Been Nominated for Grammys?

Will Smith Did a Bad, Bad Thing

3 Things the Lakers Should Do Right Now to Get to the Playoffs (Hopefully)

Kareem's Weekend Boost: Movies, TV, Music, Books, and Comics

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports This Week 3.24.22

The 3 Most Disappointing Movies of 2021 Are Best Picture Nominees!

Butt Out, Mom and Dad: How Much Say Should Parents Have in Their Kids’ Education?

Kareem's Weekend Boost (March 11-13)

Did Country Music Just Kick Blacks to the Curb? Again?

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Kareem's Weekend Boost (March 4-6)

How Should the Sports World React to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Feb. 25-27)

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports February 23, 2022

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Feb. 18-20)

Gum-fight Showdown: How Joe Rogan, Whoopi Goldberg, and Naked Jewish Mice Are Shaping Free Speech in America

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Feb. 11-13)

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports 2.9.22

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Feb. 4-6)

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports 2/3/22

Brian Flores Sues the NFL. What Took So Long?

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Jan. 28-30)

Remembering International Holocaust Day.

The Way China Is Treating Us, We’re Going to Need a Safe Word

Kareem Calls The Shots on Sports This Week 1.22.22

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Jan. 21-23)

Novak Djokovic: Sports Saint or Dangerous Jerk?

How Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Changed My Life

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Jan. 14-16)

Kareem Calls the Shots on Sports This Week

Kareem Calls the Shots on Politics This Week

Lakers’ 33-Game Winning Streak Meets the Bucks: January 9, 1972

Kareem's Weekend Boost (Jan. 7-9)

Kareem Calls the Shots on This Week's Entertainment 1.5.22

Kareem Calls the Shots on Sports This Week 1.4.22