Sitemap - 2023 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Part 2 of the Best Fiction Sports Movies Ever Made

The Best Fiction Sports Movies Ever Made, Including the GOAT of Sports Movies, Part 1

DeSantis' Drag Show Fiasco, Hate Crimes on Rise, Lauren Boebert Encourages Teen Sex, Idaho Doctors Flee State, James Paterson Banned, Stephen King vs Ted Cruz, Hungry People Don't Exist, More

Women's History Month Edition: Misogyny at CPAC, Death Penalty for Women Who Get Abortions, Record Levels of Despair for Teen Girls, "Scandoval" Breaks Internet, Carole King Saves the Day, and More

Fox News Admits Lying, Trump Lies to CPAC, Tucker Carlson Hates on Trump, GOP Hates on Tucker Carlson, Walgreens Gets Boycotted, Racism Among Louisville Police, and More

DeSantis Cancels Free Speech, Lindell Smothers Elections, Trump Harmonizes with Insurrectionists, Gaetz Pledges Allegiance to Accused Murderer, COVID #1 Killer of Cops, MTG Gets It Sooo Wrong—Again

Chris Rock's Outraged Netflix Comedy, Will Smith's Outrageous Slap--and Me

Nikki Haley Wants to Test Old Candidates, Mississippi Wants an All-White Empire, New Study Gets Anti-Maskers Giddy, Matt Gaetz Promotes China Propaganda, Another Republican Lies on Resume, and More

Kevin McCarthy Sells Soul Cheap, MTG & Hannity Want to Make It Illegal for Dems to Vote, "Dilbert" Creator Wants Whites to Stay Away from Blacks, No Voter Fraud Study Suppressed, and More

Hannity and Carlson Admit Lying to Audience (Then Try to Fire Fact-Checker), DeSantis Hires Sexist Educator, NYT Writers Protest, Roald Dahl Gets Sanitized, Roberto Clemente Bio Banned, and More

4 of the Most Disappointing Movies of 2022 Are Nominated for Best Picture Oscars (Plus My Personal List of Best Movies of the Year)

Black History Month Edition: Ron DeSantis Doesn’t Want Blacks to Vote; The NFL Doesn't Want Blacks to Coach; Death by Fashion; Miseducation of Black History, and Billie Holiday Sings

Why I Should Not Have Tried to "Walk It Off"

Olympic Sex Abuse, Ethical Eating?, Lying About Climate Change, Kids' Coach Cheats, Missouri Oks Kids Carrying Guns, Players Sue NFL, and More

What I Think About LeBron Breaking My NBA Scoring Record

DeSantis' Dumpster Fire of Democracy, Trump’s Woes Worsen, James Dolan Bans Lawyers from Knicks Games, M. Night's Disaster of a Movie, and More

Manuel Terán and Tyre Nichols: What Should We Do When Cops Kill?; DeSantis' Week of Madness: He Wants to Kill for Votes (Really!), Destroy a College, and Release the COVID Kraken; and More

GOP Brags About Killing Democracy, Tucker C Horny for M&Ms, Racism Rampant in H.S. Basketball, Iowa Bans Meat for Poor, $1,500 Fine for Using Unapproved Pronouns, H.S. Football Coach's Brutality, More

Arizona: $200 Million Fraud & Voting Rights AG, DeSantis: Unconstitutional Firing & Humiliates NHL, Alabama Scrapes Bottom, GOP Dresses Down Drag, AI Lawyer for the Defense, Etta James Wows, and More

DeSantis: Make Kids Dumb Again, Gov. Sanders: Duh, What He Said, Santos: GOP's Walking Ethics Violation, Ohio: Block the Vote, David Crosby: Icon of the Times & More

Gas Stoves Begets Culture War, The Rise of Antisemitism, The End of Art (and Popular Culture)?; GOP Defends George Santos, Missouri Hates Bare Arms & More. Plus Music and TV

What MLK Day Means to Me

Billy Bush’s Hot Mic Sex Joke, Teacher’s Free Speech Is Bad Lesson, GOP Cancels IRS, Hannity Cancels the Truth, Joe Rogan Rants Over Fake Tweet, and More. Plus Movies, TV, and Music.

Tucker C. Exploits Damar Hamlin, DeSantis Steals Florida’s Money (Again) While His Surgeon General Gets Scolded, Black Contractor Removes Confederate Statues, Movies Sued Over Trailers, and More

Should Canada Ban NHL's Ovechkin, Texas AG Compiles Enemies List of Transgenders, "[Black] History Is Being Erased," AZ Rep. Biggs' Fat Lies, Bling Pastor Arrested, Plus Movies, TV, and Music

Pelé and Me, George Santos Must Go, When Is Art Racist?, Video: Attacking Black Kids at Pool, Brilliant Program to Defray College Costs, Plus: Movies, TV, Music