Sitemap - 2023 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

GOP Candidate Uses Flamethrower, Black Student Suspended for Black Hairstyle, DeSantis: No Vaccine for the Poor, Librarians Fired Over Autism Display, Useless Cold Meds on Your Shelf, Jim Croce Sings

Texas Just Became the Most Corrupt State in the Country, Trump Warns Biden Will Cause WWII (?) and Praises Putin (??), Jann Wenner Disses Women and Black Musicians, TV Reviews, Roy Orbison Sings

Is Biden Too Old to Be Prez, DeSantis Is Determine to Kill Floridians, Tuberville Thinks "The Star-Spangled Banner" Is Making Our Military Weak, MTG Just Spoke Treason (Really!), Jackie Wilson Sings

On Kindness, Prez Libraries Warn Our Democracy Is in Danger, Ramaswamy Crazy for Guns, Palin Calls Insurrectionists "the Good Guys," Why the Church Hated the Fork, Review: "Bottoms," CSN&Y Sing

GOP Plot to Remove Elected Judiciary, Will US Ever Elect a Woman Prez, Alabama Spanked for Defying SCOTUS, Floridians Save Abortion Clinic, Trump's Poison-Pill Endorsement, The Everly Brothers Sing

Nikki Haley Wants Old Pols Tested, Ann Coulter's "Hindu Business" Idiocy, Musk Encourages Anti-Semitism, A Slaver Wrote "Amazing Grace," Movie Reviews, Jimmy Buffet Sings

Who Are Heatwaves Harming Most?, Fox Host Accuses Biden of Not Solving Racism, Alice Cooper: Trans Is a Fad, Trump Vows to Jail Enemies, Women Surgeons' Patients Do Better, The Cadets Sing

GOP Debate: Watch of Shame, FBI Arrests Racist Cops, Spain's Kissing Soccer Prez Suspended, India Finally Not Blaming Rape Survivors, What I'm Watching on TV, Joe & Eddie Sing

Does Woke Mean Broke?, DeSantis Proposes Murdering Migrants, Women Are Drinking Themselves to Death, Nuns Rebel Against Bishop, Women Star in Majority of TV Shows, Bola Sete Plays Jazz Guitar

Trump and DeSantis Compete to See Who's More Racist, Tesla Defrauds Drivers?, Musk Punishes Free Press, Vivek Wants to Cancel Juneteenth, Great TV Show, Ella Fitzgerald Sings

Why Conservatives Rooted for Women's Soccer Team to Lose, Black Rappers Promoting Harmful Politics, Why Does the GOP Hate No-Fault Divorce?, Robbie Robertson Sings

How I Write the Best Newsletter in the World

Florida Eviscerates Education (Again), The Sad Desperation of Biden Impeachment Talks, Community Fights to Take Back Library, Barbenheimer Reviewed, Cat Stevens Sings

David Beckham's Failed Defense, Saudi's Buy Sports' Soul, Houston Dumps School Libraries, GOP Plans to Cancel Climate, The Perils of Fishing While Black, Laila Biali Sings

Florida's Pro-Slavery Teachings Inaccurate, Rudy Giuliani Admits He Lied about Election, Jim Jordan, RFK Jr., and Musk Ignore Logic, GOP Wants to Kill Gun Violence Research, Van Morrison Sings

GOP Defies SCOTUS for Racism, Florida Teaches Slavery Was Good, DeSantis Wants to Sue Bud Light, MTG Is a Pornographer and Biden's New Booster?, Aldean's Defense Dumber than Song, Tony Bennett Sings

Bruce Lee & Me

Whose Right to Refuse Service?, Iowa's War Against Women, Trump Lies about China, Tuberville Cheats Veterans, Jason Aldean Wants to Kick Your Ass, Charles Barkley Defends LGBTQ+, Neil Young Sings

GOP Votes to Weaken Military, Rep. Luna Doesn't Understand Her Job, Texas Judge Doesn't Do Her Job, Wiscon. Teacher Fired Over Dolly Parton/Miley Cyrus Song, California Unbans Books, Sandie Shaw Sings

CBS Sunday Morning: From New York to UCLA Chief Investigative Correspondent, Jim Axelrod Got The Interview !

Ode to the Aging Athlete, GOP: Tulsa Massacre Was Not about Race, Josh Hawley Uses Bogus Quote to Promote Religion, Santos Thinks He's Rosa Parks, Musk Wants His Penis Measured, Tracy Chapman Sings

4 Movies of Summer (So Far): Indiana Jones, The Flash, No Hard Feelings, and Asteroid City

The End of DeSantis?, Moms for Liberty Dumb Down America, Hollywood Is Quiet-Quitting Diversity, Books I'm Reading, Steven Feifke Plays Jazz

Special Message from Kareem: A Bad, Bad Thing Turned into Something Good

Anti-Abortion States Already Killing More Women, NBA's Patty Mills Does Good, MTG Fears Her TV, Nikki Haley Prefers Mayberry, Texas Outlaws Water Breaks, Richie Havens, Peter Yarrow, Johnny Cash Sing

The Titanic Sub Saga, Jim Jordan's Remark Backfires, DeSantis' Street Poop, Dan Crenshaw Wants Biden to Dive for Debris, Lawyers Use AI Fake Cases, Fox News Alters Quotes, "Fiddler on the Roof" Sings

Republicans' Beavis and Butt-Head Politics, Justice Alito on the Take?, Women's Summit Encourages No Birth Control, DeSantis Lies About Dodgers, Trump Threatens, Meshell Ndegeocello Plays Cool Jazz

Young Men Are in Crisis Mode, Fox News Abandons Pretense of News, Southern Baptists Boot Women, School Superintendent Boots Education, AI Can Make You Lonely and Drink, Gerry & The Pacemakers Sing

12 Million Want to Use Violence to Bring Trump Back, Kari Lake Is Still Crazy After All These Lies, 227 School Children Share Fainting Hysteria, TV's "The Citadel," Linda May Han Oh Plays Jazz

Saudi Arabia Now Owns Golf, GOP's Fake Outrage at Trump Indictment, "Woke" Companies Republicans Refuse to Boycott, Hero Cop--Except to Other Cops, Sarah Silverman Soars, Marvin Gaye Sings

Presidential Debates Are Worthless Political Theater, James Van Der Beek Doesn't Understand Facts or Logic, Elon Musk Calls Kettle Black, Black Men Get Worse Medical Care, Neville & Ronstadt Sing

The Women Who Support Trump, DeSantis' Insanity Just Got Worse, Fewer Kids Going to College, The Right Boycotting Chick-fil-A, a Cop’s First 45 Words Tell You If You're in Danger, Johnny Mathis Sings

My Body & Me: A Love/Hate Story, Texas AG Impeached, Poll: Americans Don't Trust Science, Publishers Sue Florida, Fake Photo Jiggles Stock Market, MTG and Ted Cruz Said What?, ARTEMIS Plays Jazz

How DeSantis Destroyed Florida (Is the US Next?), NAACP Travel Warning, Texas Replaces School Counselors with Chaplains, GOP to Curb Student Voters, Target Attacked for Pride Month, Tina Turner Sings

Jim Brown & Me, The Serious Dangers of AI, UN Critical of US Police Brutality, Gangs in the Sheriffs Dept., Ted Cruz Investigates Beer, Laura Ingraham Won't Apologize, Paul Simon Sings

Life in My Seventies, Study: Billionaires Not that Smart, Study: Loneliness as Dangerous as Smoking, NBA Social Justice Champion Finalists, Elon Gets It Wrong (Again), Joan Baez Sings, and More

Disappearing Americans, DeSantis' Dystopia: FL Doctors May Now Deny Treating Anyone, Couple Attacked Over Bud Light, Senator Okays White Supremacists, Censoring Racism in Kids Books, Miles Davis Plays

Trump Officially Sex Offender, Santos Arrested, US Will Set Record in Mass Killings (We're #1!), SC Women Senators' Heroic Choice, Goldman Sachs Pays $215 Million, Jennifer Warnes Sings

Iowa Backs Child Labor, Illinois Ends Book Bans, Americans Can't Name Famous Asian Americans, More C. Thomas Bribes, Elon Spikes Free Speech, Black Drivers Targeted for Loud Music, Marvin Gaye Sings

Tucker's Racist Text, Nikki Haley's Horrible Tape, Giuliani's Sickening Confession, Education's Downhill Slide, AI's Bedside Manner Beats Real Docs, Gordon Lightfoot Sings, and More

DeSantis: Hang 'Em High, Disney Sues DeSantis, MTG Says the Darndest Things (Again), Why an Ex-NBA Player Escaped from Florida, Racist Guardsman Leaker Wants to Be Mass Murderer, Steely Dan Sings

Tucker Carlson Firing Upsets Russia, Don Lemon Fires Back, Rapey Trump Ditches Rape Trial, Lakers' Inspiring Comeback, FL Top Doc Lies about COVID, Georgia GOP Cheats, Harry Belafonte Sings

Politics Corrupts Parents, Fox Returns to Lying, Texas Wants 10 Commandments in Schools, GOP Plots to Keep College Kids from Voting, Book Bans on Rise, My TV Picks, and Melanie Sings

Fox Loses More than Money, Pillow Guy Loses $5 Million and His Mind, 3 Insane Shootings, Cops Want to Lynch Blacks, GOP Pol Okays 12-Year-Olds to Marry, Bob Lee Stabbing Propaganda, Ahmad Jamal Plays

Personal Message from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Why Americans Are Dying Younger, Gov. Abbott Wants to Pardon Murderer of BLM Protestor, GOP Loves Leaks But Boebert Is Obsessed with Urine, Plus Laura Nyro Sings

Clarence Thomas Bribed, Tennessee GOP Expels Black Men, Elon Musk Hates Facts, Boebert Hates Public Urination (and Facts), Don Jr. Targets (Literally) Judge's Daughter, Leon Russell Sings, and More

Florida Wants More Guns on the Streets, MTG Condemns and Supports Pedophiles, Doctors Flee Idaho, Gwyneth Paltrow Is Ass Backwards, Kid Rock Doesn't Understand Words, and More

Trump's Indictment: Politics or Justice?, 650+ New Anti-LGBTQ Laws, One Mistranslation in the Bible Changes A Lot, Zach Edey: Future of Basketball?, "The Bachelor": Romance or Racism?, Plus More

Part 2 of the Best Fiction Sports Movies Ever Made

The Best Fiction Sports Movies Ever Made, Including the GOAT of Sports Movies, Part 1

DeSantis' Drag Show Fiasco, Hate Crimes on Rise, Lauren Boebert Encourages Teen Sex, Idaho Doctors Flee State, James Paterson Banned, Stephen King vs Ted Cruz, Hungry People Don't Exist, More

Women's History Month Edition: Misogyny at CPAC, Death Penalty for Women Who Get Abortions, Record Levels of Despair for Teen Girls, "Scandoval" Breaks Internet, Carole King Saves the Day, and More

Fox News Admits Lying, Trump Lies to CPAC, Tucker Carlson Hates on Trump, GOP Hates on Tucker Carlson, Walgreens Gets Boycotted, Racism Among Louisville Police, and More

DeSantis Cancels Free Speech, Lindell Smothers Elections, Trump Harmonizes with Insurrectionists, Gaetz Pledges Allegiance to Accused Murderer, COVID #1 Killer of Cops, MTG Gets It Sooo Wrong—Again

Chris Rock's Outraged Netflix Comedy, Will Smith's Outrageous Slap--and Me

Nikki Haley Wants to Test Old Candidates, Mississippi Wants an All-White Empire, New Study Gets Anti-Maskers Giddy, Matt Gaetz Promotes China Propaganda, Another Republican Lies on Resume, and More

Kevin McCarthy Sells Soul Cheap, MTG & Hannity Want to Make It Illegal for Dems to Vote, "Dilbert" Creator Wants Whites to Stay Away from Blacks, No Voter Fraud Study Suppressed, and More

Hannity and Carlson Admit Lying to Audience (Then Try to Fire Fact-Checker), DeSantis Hires Sexist Educator, NYT Writers Protest, Roald Dahl Gets Sanitized, Roberto Clemente Bio Banned, and More

4 of the Most Disappointing Movies of 2022 Are Nominated for Best Picture Oscars (Plus My Personal List of Best Movies of the Year)

Black History Month Edition: Ron DeSantis Doesn’t Want Blacks to Vote; The NFL Doesn't Want Blacks to Coach; Death by Fashion; Miseducation of Black History, and Billie Holiday Sings

Why I Should Not Have Tried to "Walk It Off"

Olympic Sex Abuse, Ethical Eating?, Lying About Climate Change, Kids' Coach Cheats, Missouri Oks Kids Carrying Guns, Players Sue NFL, and More

What I Think About LeBron Breaking My NBA Scoring Record

DeSantis' Dumpster Fire of Democracy, Trump’s Woes Worsen, James Dolan Bans Lawyers from Knicks Games, M. Night's Disaster of a Movie, and More

Manuel Terán and Tyre Nichols: What Should We Do When Cops Kill?; DeSantis' Week of Madness: He Wants to Kill for Votes (Really!), Destroy a College, and Release the COVID Kraken; and More

GOP Brags About Killing Democracy, Tucker C Horny for M&Ms, Racism Rampant in H.S. Basketball, Iowa Bans Meat for Poor, $1,500 Fine for Using Unapproved Pronouns, H.S. Football Coach's Brutality, More

Arizona: $200 Million Fraud & Voting Rights AG, DeSantis: Unconstitutional Firing & Humiliates NHL, Alabama Scrapes Bottom, GOP Dresses Down Drag, AI Lawyer for the Defense, Etta James Wows, and More

DeSantis: Make Kids Dumb Again, Gov. Sanders: Duh, What He Said, Santos: GOP's Walking Ethics Violation, Ohio: Block the Vote, David Crosby: Icon of the Times & More

Gas Stoves Begets Culture War, The Rise of Antisemitism, The End of Art (and Popular Culture)?; GOP Defends George Santos, Missouri Hates Bare Arms & More. Plus Music and TV

What MLK Day Means to Me

Billy Bush’s Hot Mic Sex Joke, Teacher’s Free Speech Is Bad Lesson, GOP Cancels IRS, Hannity Cancels the Truth, Joe Rogan Rants Over Fake Tweet, and More. Plus Movies, TV, and Music.

Tucker C. Exploits Damar Hamlin, DeSantis Steals Florida’s Money (Again) While His Surgeon General Gets Scolded, Black Contractor Removes Confederate Statues, Movies Sued Over Trailers, and More

Should Canada Ban NHL's Ovechkin, Texas AG Compiles Enemies List of Transgenders, "[Black] History Is Being Erased," AZ Rep. Biggs' Fat Lies, Bling Pastor Arrested, Plus Movies, TV, and Music

Pelé and Me, George Santos Must Go, When Is Art Racist?, Video: Attacking Black Kids at Pool, Brilliant Program to Defray College Costs, Plus: Movies, TV, Music