His lies, his illogical defense, and his hubris damage all professional athletes.
You're Welcome
Generational wealth trumps Black lives
700,000 + dead Americans, thousands of which were preventable, says it all
Australia blurred the vaccination lines when they booted him for mixed reasons.
Post your questions about sports, pop culture, politics, or social issues and I will answer as many as I can.
Fifty years ago, one of the most dynamic games in NBA history was played between my team, the Milwaukee Bucks, and my future team, the Los Angeles…
We Have a Duty to Use Our Platform to Save Lives
It's a Misdirection to Keep Us from the Real Issue
I was 17 when I met him and he's been a part of my life ever since.
Conservatives bark at CRT like junkyard dogs. But what are they protecting?
America's ongoing war on women just got nastier.