My very conservative son-in-law and I constantly seek topics we can agree on to keep peace. In yesterday’s celebration of Thanksgiving, we discussed our praise of your voice and views. Bravo 🙏

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It would be easy to say Nikki Haley is out of her mind, but she is actually much worse. She is too smart for this. She's a despicable opportunist willing to say ANYTHING to get attention and a fascist

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My wife and I have lived in New Orleans for nearly 1/2 century. To be sure we are not proud of the absurd and hate-driven Draconian measures the state has taken on abortion and other anti progressive/individual freedom rights.

On the anti slavery amendment, however, we feel compelled to provide clarification regarding the national narrative that the state still supports slavery and indentured servitude. Many of us who voted against the amendment, including the sponsor, did so because of vague--and to my mind, inconsistent--language that would certainly have brought lawsuits by white supremacists and other racist groups.

When the amendment is cleaned up and clearly written, we'd be shocked if it failed again.

To wit: "Louisiana State Rep. Edmond Jordan sponsored the ballot initially but later urged voters to reject it. Jordan, a Baton Rouge Democrat, said he turned against the measure after realizing the language was too ambiguous. Jordan said he did not want legal challenges to be left up to the court’s interpretation of the law. He hopes to put a revised amendment on the ballot next year. "

(CNN report).

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Africa lament

Its beauty knows no bounds.

Verdant plains kiss the feet of majestic mountains.

Lush jungle hugs the shores of roaring rivers.

Desert dunes sculpted by the wind, shape shifting in ever changing arrays

Its wildlife roams in abundance, feeding, procreating, beautifying the landscape.

Enriched with extraordinary mineral wealth

Unsurpassed elsewhere on our earth.

Truly the Creator’s masterpiece.

So why do the starving children cry.

Why are their lips unquenched.

Who are those dressed in uniforms of brutality

That shed the blood of the innocent.

Why does poverty cover the land,

Grudgingly interspersed with palaces of conceit.

Why have the colonial faces changed from white to black,

Gorging on the largesse from the Creator’s hand.

Will hunger and thirst never cease.

O mother Africa I weep for thee,

I weep for thee.

Errol Samuels

May 2021

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Yes, I always feel better, more informed and greatly appreciative of this blog. Thanks for sharing your meaningful thoughts with the world. They need to be heard by ALL.

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Saw the Bill Russell doc on NBA. It was great. Love him. Love you

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This never, ever, would have happened, but it would have been poetically beautiful if FIFA had called Qatar's bluff and pulled the games over the last minute canceling of beer sales. You could argue that all the other, on-going, abuses are subjective. The canceling of beer sales is an objective breach of contract, and FIFA should of taken their balls (irony intended) and gone home.

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I am thankful for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I love reading your emails. They expose me to different problems in OUR country and worldwide with thoughtfulness and clarity. Keep up the good work.

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To and about all those who have displayed their true selves & have become fascists, go join agent Orange because you are one with him. Disgustingly stupid, vapid & completely irrelevant.

As a child, I listened over & over again to Louie. Always thought of him as the greatest trumpet player. To read some of your writing & the special about him is overwhelming. " My only sin is in my skin." Powerful.

Such sorrow that must have always been with him. As the human race, we should constantly seek to better ourselves & become more enlightened. It seems that many of our brothers & sisters have decided the opposite.

Thank you for keeping us awake & aware.

Now I will listen to some more Samara Joy & her beautiful voice. Many thanks to you for the intro. Louie would have loved her

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Love your writing and I always learn so much. But one word you used surprised me. Do we really still need to designate children as ‘illegitimate’? Did you merely want to point out that Walker wasn’t married to these children’s mothers? Can’t you just say that instead?

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and good observations as always, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar. The DeSantis anti-woke agenda is, indeed, dystopian. However, both ends of the political spectrum are engaged in their own pursuits to curb free speech and radically impact our rights for their own agendas (well chronicled by fellow substacker and liberal journalist Matt Taibbi), which I find deeply disturbing. While we should be pushing back on these initiatives from folks like DeSantis on the right, we also need to be paying close attention to what's happening in our own liberal backyards (particularly with our current President). It's not pretty (so there's my support for subscribing to Taibbi's substack). We need to engage in actual dialogue with each other and work towards finding common ground more than ever.

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Basketball player? meh...UCLA graduate in history? Now you're talking... Your contributions to education, culture, critical thinking? Priceless...we need more like you. and to carry on more like you...

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Mr. Armstrong wa a man of such substance…he wore. Star of David around his neck due to his almost familial relationship with a Jewish family who not only took him under their wing when he was a boy. but bought him his first horn. He spoke Yiddish, yes really! A great way to get back at some of the club owners and promoters, lol 😂.

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Elegant. My favorite kind of writing. Thank you.

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Nov 25, 2022·edited Nov 25, 2022

Oh lord...the first 6 letters of the FIFA presidents last name tell you all you need to know, Infant.And Kareem...I know we live in a time when hyperbolic statements flow like Niagra Falls but Louis Armstrong as magnificent and brilliant as he was...The creator of Jazz as an art form...Oy Vey!

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Great commentary and discussion. Thank you for the comedy and the tragedy.

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