"Come to Russia for the ballet, stay for the political assassinations and human rights violations. Selfies optional."

Great stuff Kareem! Love reading your column.

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Loved you on the court (college and pro) and in Airplane. But getting to “know” you in this view has greatly increased my love, respect, and admiration for you. AND as a grandfather of an 8 month old little girl, I feel the very same excitement as you have describe in this writing. Thank You! You are a True Champion!

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The disingenuousness of Eisenhower‘s un-American “under God” addition to the Pledge of Allegiance unfortunately balances (or even negates) his wise, prescient warning about the military-industrial complex.

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Kareem, Don Lemon may have been polite when you were on his show, but he was hardly a journalist. During the Trump-Clinton campaign he regularly let Trump talk without interruption or challenge, and always invited him back. It was free PR. He was self-centered and his stupid misogynistic remarks were a part of that.

Bob meyers UCLA ‘65

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Thank you for that particular clip of Harry Belafonte. Such power in that voice.

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Thank you mr Abdul Jabbar for these powerful observations and insights… the hypocrisy of people, especially politicians, has always upset me greatly… Where are the old fashioned Republicans ??? The ones who were decent patriotic citizens with whom I disagreed with on most issues , but I respected. They certainly were very much against injustice in Russia and realized the horrible side to their world and internal politics. I was in Russia for work when the Ukraine war started —thr Russians I met were horrified and against this war- many had relatives, friends, lovers etc who were Ukrainian. I always separate the politics of Russia from the citizens… The orange haired pretend President we unfortunately had loved that type of Dictators that Russia, N Korea and other countries have… RIP Harry Belafonte- a fantastic human being who gave so much joy to the world through his art but also so much inspiration and hard work to civil rights and humanity… Thank You very much, Tomas

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My goodness, Kareem. I’m dancing in bed as I finish your wonderful wrap up of the latest stories. You inform me of many items I’ve missed (some thankfully) and others that you expand on. Glad to know that we’re not past our prime.

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Re: Don Lemon

Kareem: I think that you are going easy on Mr. Lemon. His apology was “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” He showed no recognition that his statement was wrong. Attending training does not necessarily change minds; unfortunately, it can cause people to dig in in resentment for having to be trained (I found the diversity training required of California lawyers to be interesting, but it was clear that some in attendance were unreachable). You cannot say that a 51 year old woman seeking office is “past her prime” unless that it the punchline to an obvious joke. While I am not thrilled with octogenarians of either sex in office because of age related decline (I’m mid 60’s and feel it starting), the presumptive male presidential candidates are in, or soon will be in, their eighties. No one hesitates about 60 and 70 year old male politicians. A male politician who had a stroke during the campaign was just elected to the Senate.

Lemon’s statement is shockingly sexist.

Unfortunately, Lemon never came close to sufficient public contrition for it, or anything suggesting that he had actually changed his mind. (If he did and I missed it, my sincere apologies). Tim Hardaway spent years (if not decades) trying to overcome his blatantly homophonic statements including truly trying to change his perspective (which he claimed was part of us upbringing). Myers Leonard’s antisemitic slurs while gaming caused him to undergo a journey of discovery regarding prejudice against Jews. Until Lemon publicly acknowledges how ignorant his comments were and takes his bias to heart, I do not think he should be the face / voice of a public facing media program aimed at the general public. Being forced to issue a week apology does not get to the root of the problem. I am surprised that he lasted as long as he did after that comment.

I believe in second chances, but only after true repentance for the first mistake. I perfunctory pseudo apology is not recognition of the initial wrong.

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Don Lemon’s Nikki Haley comment was TOTALLY out of line and a fireable offense. Just because people on the other side make comments like that all the time does NOT excuse it.

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“Putin has invaded a sovereign country for economic gain, resulting in more than 350,000 casualties.”

The US has no moral grounds to complain about this after Iraq. How many have died there? Oh, right, that was different - Iraq had WMD <wink,wink>.

Having said that, I support Ukraine 200% and will thank God when they drive Russia totally out of their territory (including Crimea) and join NATO. And I will raise a glass when Putin joins Stalin in whatever Hell he is in.

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Kareem, it's been plain to see all along that Trump is a Putin puppet. The Russians are not unlike the "mafia"...in fact, there's the Russian "mafia". They have dirt on Trump and all of the rest. It's obvious. It's also ironic that "McCarthy" re-appears in "commie controversies".

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, my childhood hero, you would still be my hero if we weren’t for your kool-Aid induced political theories

Really Kareem stick to basketball,songs, and movies apparently you know nothing about the Ukraine/Russia situation. You just parrot everything you hear on main stream media I expected a better review, but maybe not because even though you have a righteous anger against certain injustices and have no reservations about eviscerating some bad folks you stop and don’t even dare go near the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. You really disappoint me and so many other people I thought you’d be more courageous especially being a black man whose people have suffered injustices and oppression, but unfortunately I guess not because you are behaving just like one of the many fearful zionist boot lickers.

Why don’t you open your mouth and no there is No there is no symmetry between the oppressed and the oppressor.and No there aren’t good people both sides (ring a bell) That ll be like finding equal blame between the slave masters and slaves.

Kareem if the videos on the Internet isn’t enough proof of the atrocities that the fourth nuclear power (yes Israel)in the world commit against a basically unarmed indigenous Palestinian people then let me

invite you to take a trip? ( not an aipacsponsored trip) to the West Bank and Gaza and witness it yourself

And please enough talk about antisemitism Jews are not suffering like the Palestinians

They may have suffered thousands of years ago and almost a hundred years ago but

Jews are living a healthy prosperous and protected life unlike the Palestinians, who have to suffer pogroms ,home demolitions ,mass arrests collective punishment, olive tree uprooting, (one of the few means of earning their living ) killing of their farm animals, and the list goes on but the Palestinians are suffering as we speak that is NOW! Do the Jewish peoples psychic trauma trump everything else including land theft ?

I don’t think that the Jewish people have to worry about another holocaust in the same way theJapanese Don’t have to worry about another nuclear bomb being dropped on them by us

And Christians need not worry any more about being eaten by lions

Is antisemitism above all other racist ideologies how about anti-Palestinianism?how about that Mr. Jabbar ?wake up and smell the zaatar?

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Why Are Trump, DeSantis, and Carlson Doing Russia’s Dirty Work?...Because they are given permission...Privilege! Who thinks Obama, Wes Moore, or Joy Reid would be afforded the same?...You wrote:

“Republicans are divided about whether to support the dictatorship of Putin or the democracy of Ukraine.” I would insert the US, instead of Ukraine.

Kareem, you expressed everything I thought, surrounding the firing of Don Lemon. Pure Bullshid, not even BS! I needed to understand this, as if I’m 12: CNN cared more about Nikki Haley’s honor, than she did for herself?! After all, it was SHE, who went to work in Trump’s administration, as his UN Ambassador; it is SHE, who still waffles about her support for him, should he become the RNC presidential nominee--the “Grab ‘em by the p_ _ _y,” guy! Yet, CNN continues to embrace them both. I guess saying, “Nikki Haley is past her prime,” is...BLASPHEMOUS?!!

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Harry Belafonte.RIP.

Loved his music. Gorgeous voice, gorgeous man, like you said. Had never heard "Hine Ma Tov" before. Amazing. I was fortunate to have seen him perform, but one of the most impressive appearances was at the event we put on when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The event was held in Oakland CA & was marvelous & inspirational. One of my favorite albums & songs is In My Quiet Room. Beautiful songs. Harry lived a long & fruitful life. I'm sorry you lost your friend Kareem.

So Russia is pouting. They have lost their chief propagandist. Wah wah!

How do people get so out of control with their lies & disinformation? It never seems to stop. Here in the Beehive State, the online news, The Daily Buzz, recently wrote this news: The Senator, Mike Lee, tweeted a poll. He asked his followers if they would watch a network that featured tucker carlson & dan bongino, who is also no longer with fox news. Lee called bongino an American Patriot & predicted he would land somewhere with a much larger audience."

Not surprising, as of Monday night, about 90% said they would watch that duo.

E. Jean Carroll. Carry on. Stand up to Joe Tacopina. Spelling? DC. Stay strong. Trump is again proving what a total jerk he is.

And Dr ladapo. What a sellout. What he did, editing out correct COVID info is treasonous. He should have his license suspended. Then to blatantly lie & call it standard practice. Oh please.

One last thing about our favorite sport. I know you show great respect for LBJ & the Lakers comeback, but the best series of all was the Heat sending the Bucks packing. Jimmy Butler!! What an amazing player. Toughest guy in the NBA. 56 points. Can't say enough about that.

Except - Go Warriors!!

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Your video break is the best. My brain thanks you

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Grifters Beware - your end is near.

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