If McCarthy got anything at all for his soul, he fleeced his counterparty.

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Your treatise on “common sense” is a must-read. Thank You!

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Probably Congressman Greene is smarter than we care to acknowledge. I'm certain that in her heart she doesn't believe a lot of things she says. Her purpose isn't to teach or share

sound ideas with anyone or to offer solutions to our nation's problems which we unfortunately have. She wants to bask in outrage. She's very good at it, she's raising money with it, and sadly a lot of people want to feel that outrage too.

We have to keep trading in truth and strive to elect better people.

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And one more. Last night. Dame. 71 points. Just exciting and amazing. He had over half of Portland's 131 points.

Thank you again Kareem.

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Finally put my money on the line. Your wrap up of the news gives me hope for rational thought. Thank you for taking your precious time to help me start my day calmly.

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I wonder if Mail Order Annie was the inspiration for Mark Knofler's Prarie Wedding. They tell the same tail although to be frank, I like Mark's version better. (although I wish Mark would enunciate better:))

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

The real reason not to kiss rattlesnakes on the lips is that most of them are human. So beware.

Happy Monday Kareem. You reminded me of something better forgotten. The bamboo ballots from Korea. Where is the imbecile who created that lie? There seems to be such a darkness surrounding the wrong wingers. Perhaps their wings were manufactured incorrectly (intentionally) so they can move only in one direction. And the 40,000 hours of tapes McCarthy released to the big mouthed barnacle. What I would like to know is how much of the Colorado female rep's late night tour through the Capitol will be revealed. Remember that small incident that was completely downplayed & forgotten.

And who does Kevin McCarthy think sunshine is & what will be revealed in the light?

The incident at Pepper Tree school is frightening. Especially because the kids are so young. And what was the purpose of such a hideous exercise? To silence black children and make them fear everyday? Just intolerable. Teach your Children Well.

My favorite - the little kid running in slow mo home. He will either be an actor or comedian. Too funny. Certainly has a mind of his own.

And last night in the basketball world. Dame!! 71 points. Whew!! Amazing. And the Blazers travel to San Francisco Tuesday.

Appreciate your anger and humor Kareem. Keep it real. Appreciate all you write & do. 🏀

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Thank you K man! Another insightful digest.

As for McCarthy and his soul - you can't lose what you never had in the first place, so he's less than zero in terms of debt...hell hounds on his trail, hell hounds on his trail. Scratch never lets debt sit, hence the term "payback's a bitch". He, Taylor-Greene and ANYONE else who runs for election to a public office should be required to pass psychological screening and background checks. A few lessons in basic Civics would do most of them some good as well.

Dilbert? They still create and publish those? Why? It wasn't funny back then, so I can't imagine it being funny today.

Harry Chapin? Kareem, you forgot "Mr. Tanner" (smile). Harry was an excellent storyteller. His guitar work is fairly intricate as well. He and Jim Croce are two often overlooked songwriters/musicians. Only the good die young...yikes! I'm going to be here forever if that's the case.

Woke versus Broke

Peace and Serenity

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Spot on as usual. FYI - MTG got re-elected because too many R's ran against her and split the vote. Hopefully in 2024 - they can unify behind one - Video Break Bob from GA . Love your column but would like more "modern" music references of good new voices like this one . Cory Henry- Fighting for peace.


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Of the many great pieces of this column (2/27/23), I'm especially appreciative of your point that allowing people to cross the lines of civility and reason on "small things" (especially if they don't affect us directly) paves the way to truly horrible things. It's like those football plays where the ref doesn't call a penalty, the commentator says, 'well they decided to let that go,' and depending on what side you're rooting for, you are either angry or relieved. None of us should be happy when racial slurs are ignored or abuses of power are cheered. Thanks for deciphering the convoluted "reasoning" and calling out the abusers. Also a special thanks for Harry Chapin's "Mail Order Annie," well worth weeping for.

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I'm not suggesting there's a powerful intellect, but I believe she's not stupid. I also think she's not as smart as she thinks she is.

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Excellent song 🎵 I never had heard that song before and I love his story telling manner, much like Gordon Lightfoot or James Taylor

Excellent synopsis of the weekly events too 👏 👍

Just shows why it is so critical for all Americans to stand up for what this nation is supposed to be about, the land of the free of all people, not the privileged radicals who are bound and determined to drag us into another Civil War, all for their twisted delusions and seditious activities to seize power!! This is exactly how 🤔 the Nazi's seized power 90 years ago in Germany 🇩🇪 😳 even though they were always the minority party.

That is why all the insurrectionists involved in J6 in any way, shape, or form 🤔 must be held accountable by Jack Smith and DOJ.

As a side note, the Lakers are looking legit 👌 finally, and I loved Dame Lillard getting 71 points Sunday night. It made me realize how 🤔 great Kobe's 81 points Really were!!

Peace ✌️ and love ❤️ always ✨️ 🙏 💖 is the answer!!

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It is always a pleasure to read your literate and well reasoned takes on events. But I also derive enjoyment from well-turned phrases: it’s hard to top “slobber- soaked comfort blanket.”

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MTG is laboring under the delusion that she's currently in charge of the HoR. I mean, hell, Kevin Mac is a doormat, so why not? Problem is she thinks the radio is the steering wheel and has no clue what direction she's pointed. I think her current "notion" will be representative of what we get from her--and the House majority--for the next five years: MAGA pleasing plans that will either never make it out of committee, will be DOA at the Senate, or (in the unlikely event they get put into practice) get crushed in the courts. Ineffectual comes to mind.

Hey...hey...remember when the GOP was gonna repeal the ACA? Remember when we were gonna build a wall along the southern border...and Mexico was gonna pay for it? Remember when Trump had a secret plan to destroy ISIS? These people can't tie their shoes in the morning.

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KMcCarthy is thoroughly disingenuous. Saying that "he promised" to release the tapes as a justification is the same garbage that "45" used to tear families apart at the border, destroy safety regulations and put more $$ in billionaires' pockets: because he "promised" his voters. Just because he made a campaign promise doesn't mean it was a good idea. Usually the opposite of good, in fact!

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I'm not a big fan of cheerleading, but I watched the video of Katrina Kohel and inexplicably found myself tearing up. Maybe not inexplicable. It was the support of the crowd, I think, and her courage in doing it by herself. That kind of courage is rare.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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