Ted Cruz joined the cult of Trump & his toadies & became just another mindless inhabitant of their underworld domain. He is now one of the monsters, is pure evil, and knows exactly what he is doing. For AJ - how could anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth? There are words for him, but not any that would be appropriate here. Performance art? Performance yes, but art no.

Why do people believe these malicious clowns & their lies? Perhaps laziness or maybe it's too difficult to continually read & hear what's going on in the world & to exercise their reasoning power, so they choose to accept another's words as truth. That alleviates the work they need to do & shifts the responsibility for belief systems to someone else. They also have chosen to become the toadies of a wannabe dictator. Thank you Kareem for bringing these issues to the open forum of thinking people. And as for AOC. She has now tested positive for COVID. I wish her well.

Object of her story? DON'T go to Florida. A lot of very sick people there.

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Wouldn't it be nice if their pants really did catch fire?! See how many lies would be told then.

My takeaway from this post is that essentially every politician lies...red or blue...fact. The problem lies in misinformed people who are too lazy/complacent to dig beyond a statement. People need to be aware of the intention of the statement as well as the person making the statement (i.e. what does this person/people stand to gain/lose). It's easy to throw smokescreens if people are visually impaired - so to speak. I was always told there are three types of lies: white lies, damn lies, and statistics...politicians use all three in their puppet shows.

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And now, on TikTok, the 13 year old daughter of ted Cruz has just come out as bi-sexual. Said she totally disagrees with his politics and hates the fact she can't just have a normal life. Must have 2 security guards wherever she goes. Said her parents photoshopped their Christmas card so her shirt would look longer. Perhaps she can change some issues in his thinking like the daughter of George & Kellyann Conway. Remember all that drama? It will be interesting. All the liars. All the religious hypocrites. Sometimes it takes a child. I really hope he doesn't believe in conversion therapy.

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